Smell ya later, Breakup House.

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A pretty lazy look for karaoke last night.






Guys, just because it’s out of the mainstream media doesn’t mean that the problems are gone. We gotta keep giving attention to these issues

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St Vincent

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"Everybody said, ‘Oh you must’ve been on drugs when you made those movies.’ No! We weren’t on drugs when we made them. I was on on drugs when I thought them up and I was on drugs when we showed them, but I was never on drugs when we made them, because it was too hard.” 

- John Waters

Waters’ new book is called Carsick. It chronicles his hitchhiking journey across the country. 

Photo by Richard Burbridge, 2008 

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Me n’ Ryn are roommates as of today. Here’s a picture of us looking like chill dudes during Pride.


lil ratty hands

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One day we were shooting “Portlandia” downtown and we went to eat in the lunchroom of this church where they were having an art show. This season’s shoot was really hard; I felt very pushed and challenged, and I was tired and disoriented a lot. I remember sitting down and seeing this painting on a canvas. It said: “If you can, please wake up.” It’s this weird, dark, intense phrase that almost sounded like something like a kid would say to his parents. And that became my mantra for the whole rest of the shoot.
I spent two weeks chasing down the artist— he was the security guard at the building. I told him how much that painting meant to me and how it had really gotten me through the shoot and he said, “I would be happy to sell it to you if it means that much to you.” So about a month ago, I drove over to his house and bought the painting from him.

Carrie Brownstein
Photographs © We Are The Rhoads

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marzipan5toast asked: I think you kind of are a mix of Milk and Adore... At least, I can see it

This is the best compliment.